Changed default port to 8284 but getting error through NAT

I changed default port to 8284. The reason is i have port forwarding for my home router. Since there are two instances of nextcloud running i needed to distinguish by port numbers (1st instance running on 8283).
Everything ok for the instance running on port 8283, i can access from anywhere using client or browser.
But when every setting is exacly same, i cant access the one running on 8284, But within NAT (from home network), I can run 8284 fine though. Any idea?

In a nutshell:
port fwding enabled for both instances with exactly same setting: https fwd to 8283 of 8284.
instance1 (port 8283): either NAT (local LAN) or access from external network is OK
instance2 (port 8284): NAT (local LAN) access is OK, but from external network (outside home router) fails.

Did you check the DNS settings (outside) of instance2 or do you access via ip-address:port?