Change users display name

Good evening everyone,

I tried to change a users display name from within the web admin console using my Nextcloud admin account without luck.

Í’m able to change the name and when I press tab and reload browsers page the old user name appears again.

Am I missing anything?

The specific user isn’t logged in when I try to change it’s display name.

Any help is realy appreciated


There’s an arrow pointing to the right in the Display Name text box - you need to click on that to save the change. Hope that helps.

Thankyou for your reply, will try this later.

I am having this same problem. I have tried to click on the save change checkbox and it still reverts to the same display name. I think this is a bug. I am using NextCloud 18.03 and I have tried to edit the users display name in Chrome, Firefox, Safari (IOS) and Firefox (IOS) but none of them work.

For me i have to press on my keyboard enter key and it works


Thank you very much Nemskiller. That did the trick for me. I changed the display name and then hit the enter key and it saved the new entry.

This doesn’t work for me.

I’m using:
Nextcloud 20.0.4
Firefox 84.0.2 (64-bit) client.

There seems to be no option to set a “Display name” in that combined “Username”/“Display name” field in the UI, if the user is already created, and exists in the database.

I’ve tried many times with no progress.

Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!


Just Edit the Name entry;
i.e. when the current is :


Edit the Entry, Add “Daniel” after Jack → “Jack Daniel” … then confirm … and this Confirmation then was for the Display name … now you will see:

Jack (this is the login name)
Jack Daniel (this is the Display name)


@alogwe, If I understood you correctly, your issue isn’t exactly the same one as the one started by OP (solved), but it’s the one that briught mne to this thread:
When creating a new user, admins can set their user name and display name
When editing an existing user, only one of these can be edited (the display name): when you click the pencil icon on the far right, there’s only a single box in the “username” space.
If, like me, you gave a user the same display name and user name, it’s not immediately obvious which one you’re editing there.

IMO this is a design flaw in the UI, as neumerous people have posted this problem across the internet - it should be made more obvious in some way that the user is not editable, while that edit box allows for changing the display name.
But if you try it, and save your changes successfully (press enter or hit arrow icon in edit field) you’ll notice that the display name changed, and the user name remained the same.

(As per this thread from 2017, it’s not possible to change an existing user’s username, because username is also Id in the database.)

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@Mageunic , in light of this problem, it’s worth pointing out that in your example, “Test” is the username, and “test123” is the display name.

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@bennypr0fane on reflection I will misunderstand the problem, you’re right :+1: