Change username? Is it possible?

I created a number of usernames with space in the middle
like this
This creates a problem - they cannot be mentioned in comments, they come up as usernotknown
Can this be fixed?
Any other work around this issue?
Thank you

Like what?
No backgroun info on setup, any logs showing errors,
Created users how and where?

Yeah - I thought I had a link
Anyhow - it turns out that what I want is not possible.
Here’s a link to a suggestion I made about this topic in the Development Channel of this forum

It gives a different link to migrating users and recreating them.

Thank you - yes its helpful in hindsight.
I suggested in the Development channel that the registartion process does not accept a username with space in the middle.

Hmm I just wouldn’t know how to collect the log files.
where from .
apologies for that

Anyway, you have answer to your question: changing username is not supported by NC
Only workaround I can think of is : create a newuser, cp all nc/data/olduser/files to newuser/files. run fix-permissions an scan --all. If all files are okay, then can remove olduser and olduser/files.

ok thank you
I appreciate your help

just one more little question - where is nc folder located??
is it in var or in home??
I thought it was in var/www/nextcloud/data/
I can only see the ncp dir
but I can’t find the users dirs

The path to NC’s datadir is set in /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php