Change User on Windows Dektop Client

The first time I start Windows Desktop Client I could configure User and Password. Now I want to change the user. I cannot find any Settings neither in the Windows Desktop Client, Registry nor c:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Nextcloud\nextcloud.cfg.
How can I change the user?
Thanx for help!

You can add the a new account with the new user and delete the old one.

It does not allow to change user, not even reinstalling the client, it only asks for the url and the browser asks for permission to login without asking for user

just make sure that you are not loged in via any browser or anything else. - -then you can setup a new user. Also delete cookies related to the server where you want to connect.

PS: I realy have to say that the support on nextcloud kind of sucks. in addition there webpage in slow as hell. I am not quite impressed I have to say

I´ve got the same problem. I can, indeed setup a new user, but not on the same server. I need to change the user on the same server.
I have reinstalled several times. I have also revoked te pc. Nothing helps.
And i have searched the internet.


Same problem here, I am using an admin account for settings and a user account for my private account. When downloading and installing the windows client, it is automaticlly fetching the admin account… Can’t specify I want to use my private user account…

Shouldn’t be like that, just let us login at the browser popup.

Just make sure that your browser is not logged in to any other account before you try adding the account to the client. If this for some reason doesn’t work, clear the browser cache or configure another browser as your default browser temporarily.

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yes you are right, got it working after couple of tries.

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