Change User of Mac Desktop Client

Dear nextcloud community,

The first time I started Mac Desktop Client, I was able to configure user and password. Now I want to change the user of the desktop client. However, I cannot find any settings for it.

How can I change the user?
Thank you for your help!

Hello @akleiner

AFAIK you cannot change the name inside the UI.
You can add a new connection.

You can close the client and manually change it inside the config file.
Depending on your login method that will not work because of app connection settings for the specific user.

I have 2 macs one on Mac OS 10.13 and one on 10.15. I installed the latest 2.6.4 sync client. I used a test user to create the client. I have uninstalled the client, removed and added a new account. I have deleted every file and folder with next cloud name and tried reinstalling. Even though I am logged into the proper account on the web for authentication, it still sets up the test account on the sync client. I’ve read the advanced support section and I do not have a next cloud.cfg file under library/preferences … do not even see or find in a complete search … Any assistance would be appreciated

I figured this out. I logged in with the browser to the test user. I selected remote wipe of the Mac devices, then I revoked them. On the Macs I cleared the history and saved passwords the browsers for the nextcloud site. Then I added a new account in the sync client. When the browser opens for authentication it allowed me to type the desired credentials.