Change the address of the website in the admin profile

If you are logged in as (super) admin you can see in “Preferences” under “Personal Information” in the middle of the page => “Website”
How can you change the entry?
I can’t edit the field, and I haven’t found anything in config.php… nor in many other directories…

Does anyone know the trick or the hack?

Thank you.


I cannot reproduce the described problem. I was able change the setting without any problem, using Firefox 78.0.2 and Nextcloud 19.0.1. You should try a different browser, disable any 3rd-party browser addin and check the Nextcloud log file and browser console for related messages which can point you to the root cause of the problem.
BTW, I had to enter my password to confirm the change of the parameter.

that might depend upon the time you’re already logged-in… :wink:

I have now tested several browsers, with plugins disabled, and also Firefox 7802 as a new installation with factory settings and without plugins, but unfortunately without success.

When I move the mouse/cursor over the field it greys out, and there is no possibility to enter anything into the field. You can also not delete anything.

I can edit all other fields on the page, but not the “Website” field

I cannot get any information from the browser terminal and the Nextcloud Log that points to the problem…

NC 18.0.7 is running on a shared hoster, but 1. it runs, and 2. I can’t imagine a server configuration that prevents you from not being able to edit an input field… It also has nothing to do with the template, no matter which one I use, the field cannot be edited.

I really have no idea anymore, except maybe to change the entry directly in the database, but probably the string is stored encrypted? (because Admin)

If you still have ideas let me know, it should be possible to change or hack the field.


What about this?

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There is a message in the NC log:
permission denied => lib/private/TempManager.php

and three messages about missing css files:
nextcloud/data/appdata_xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/css/federatedfilesharing/xxxxxxxxx-settings-admin.css.gzip): No such file or directory at…
(also for notification, privacy, and support) but the files are there and the permissions are set correctly…
I have already copied these files from the installation file and loaded them again into the appropriate directories and set the permissions again, but unfortunately without success.

My browser-log shows this:
Handlebars is deprecated: please ship your own,
this will be removed in Nextcloud 20

moment is deprecated: please ship your own,
this will be removed in Nextcloud 20

Does anyone know where nc gets the information about the website, or saves it?


It is saved in the database at oc_accounts

The value looks something like this:


Could the admin of the hosting service prevent you from changing it?

Thanks EV21, with your information I could change the web address! :slightly_smiling_face:

Also thanks to:

  • j-ed
  • JimmyKater
  • sturtz_nate
  • Nanu

for your help!


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