Change showed file name in trashbin to full path

I have a bigger NC 25.0.1 installation (about 100k files, 1000th of directories) and it is really annoying when try to look into trashbin. There it shows only the filename and you do not know where the file was originated in which folder.

I try to look into the code but was not able to find how it worked together and to change it for my need. A new sortable column would fit best. Does anybody have a hint for me?

I fear this is not just a single line to be changed. Also, as it is located in the server frontend code, you would have to patch each time you install an update and the server will also complain that some files are no longer satisfying the checksums.

I see the best solution in asking for the feature online want get done users aware of it. Eventually, someone is capable to write some fix and file a PR.

If someone has more experienced or a better idea, feel free to comment and prove me wrong.

good Idea, I added a ticket here: add directory location column to trashbin · Issue #35611 · nextcloud/server · GitHub

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