Change of Nextcloud Server IP - Error in mobile App

I am changing my local home network around a bit and the IP address of my nextcloud server (hosted on a FreeNAS box) got changed. As such, when I open the mobile (Android) app it says “Error establishing connection with server.” If I removed my account and re-added, will it remove all of the manual “auto uploads” I have created and have to re-sync all of the files from my phone (photos) to the server? Does the server know which files it has already uploaded from the phone?

AFAIK no. And I don’t know if the mobile client is checking for existing files on the server. But you can configure the re-added folders to NOT upload existing files. Just remove the checkmark at “Also uploading existing files” before you enable Auto Upload for a specific folder and you should be on the safe side…

@bb77 Gotcha, good idea. So there’s no way to change the IP address?

No that’s not possible AFAIK. The only way I can think of how you could change the IP address of the server without having to recreate the account in the app, would be to run a local DNS server and then use a DNS name instead of the IP address directly.