Change nextcloud path from /var/ to /home/

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After installing nextcloud everything works fine, but as it’s installed in /var/ partition, space in disk is limited (to around 20GB). Is it possible to install nextcloud in /home/ directory in order to have all free available space in disk instead of being in /var/ directory?

(I’ve installed nextcloud in ubuntu server and other in centos7 server)

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Yes, you can also move only data directory to place with more free disk space. This will save you adjusting of WebServer configuration. It is very simple read more about: HowTo: Change / Move data directory after installation

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this was a very secret hint towards you should be using the search-function of the forum ahead of posting something here… :wink: welcome to the forum, though :smiley:

@gas85 thanks anyways

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many thanks guys! i’m sorry, i didn’t found it (i’ve tried it, but without success)