Change mail sender address of admin for sorting

I filter to sort emails ,
I want to change the email address of the sender admin to something different than my naked email address.
Now it looks like

From : msyself@my.provider
To : msyself@my.provider
Subject: : 1 neue Benachrichtigung für Nextcloud

I do not know if the subject line will always be the same.

From Line should be something like
From : Nextcloudadmin <msyself@my.provider>
so I can sort received emails

Which line in config.php to change ?

'mail_from_address' => 'myself@my.provider',
'mail_from_address' => 'Nextcloud Admin<myself@my.provider',

Does nextcloud (24.0.7 to 26) accept such syntax ?

More important as now I am setting up a test server to avoid disturbing the production server , so I need this twice and different

You can’t change the email address, unless you are actually going to use another email account or an email alias of your existing account. However, it should use the name of your Nextcloud instance as the “Sender Name”. You can set that name under “Administration Settings” → “Theming”. The default is “Nextcloud” afaik.

Looks like the receiving email client doesn’t show the “Sender Name”. What client are you using?

I use thunderbird , currently 102.14.0 (64-Bit)