Change IP Nextcloud AIO

Hi everyone,
I use nextcloud AIO in docker behind Nginx Proxy Manager on the same server.

I recently moved the server to VLAN, changing the IP address from ->
(server address with nextcloud, other services and reverse proxy)
Correct IP in the proxy everything seems to work but I noticed that nextcloud has slowed down, sometimes I have to wait 8/10 seconds to open the page.

Other services work great

Note: I also changed ISP and Public IP
already corrected in the public DNS of the cloud.mydomain.tld domain

I was wondering should I update these parameters somewhere in nextcloud

Hi, have you already tried to restart the server?

I’ve been banging my head for 5 days, restarting everything: proxmox, ubuntu, firewall, docet whatever.

Furthermore I find this error in settings/admin/overview:
“Could not check for JavaScript support. Please check manually if your webserver serves .mjs files using the JavaScript MIME type.”

in the log
cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 45002 milliseconds (see for
Failed to fetch the Collabora capabilities endpoint: cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 45002 milliseconds (see for

in the log container nextcloud-aio-nextcloud
Config value wopi_allowlist for app richdocuments set to 62.xx.44.xx,,,,,fd00::/8,::1,185.58.xxxx…xxx

ip adreess 62.xx.44.xx is old pubblic address ip

Can you follow How to debug problems with Collabora and/or Talk · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #1358 · GitHub?

curl -vvv https://$NC_DOMAIN:443/hosting/discovery

  • Host was resolved.
  • IPv6: (none)
  • IPv4:
  • Trying…
  • connect to 185.58.xx.xx port 443 from port 59538 failed: Operati on timed out
  • Failed to connect to port 443 after 129267 ms: Couldn 't connect to server
  • Closing connection
    curl: (28) Failed to connect to port 443 after 129267 m s: Couldn’t connect to server

You found your problem. The container cannot connect to the domain. This most likely is due to your router or firewall or network infrastructure blocking this access or e.g. a wrong ip-address.

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thanks, I’ll check now

Hi, thanks, it helped me understand the problem. In my case I had set the Google DNS on the VLAN. Now I have set the pfsense firewall as DNS and everything works.

I don’t know why DNS was like this, an oversight… I went crazy for 5 days