Change graphical interface

I have nextcloudpi installed on raspbian with the GUI.

curl -sSL | bash

it is possible to switch to this version
without uninstalling?

Thank you in advance

No need to re-install, you can simply update your system, NC and NCP, to the latest versions using

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I don’t want to put the latest version, I already have the latest version.
The graphic version I have seems too heavy and slow, I would like to switch to the non-graphic version.

For non-graphic version of ncp run

sudo ncp-config

from terminal or via ssh/putty

thank you very much for your help
unfortunately I don’t find this option, here is a screenshot

Unfortunately “This” is not very specific.
Which option are you looking for?
After you run nc-update (v1.30.0) and nc-update-nextcloud(v19.0.3), you’ll be up to date.

Thank you OliverV
it seems to me that you have not understood what I wish to do.

We can install nextcloudpi in two ways

  1. with the file here
  2. or directly on an already installed raspbian
    curl -sSL | bash

I have the second version and I want to move on to the first one.

Still not clear what version you want, or what you wish to acomplish? There is hardly any difference between the 2 methods you mentioned, as far as end result is concerned.
Once NCP is installed, You can use nc-nextcloud to install any NC version you want.

if there is no difference then I don’t change anything.
the arguments of nextcloudpi are that the nextcloud without the graphic part is faster.

thank you very much for the help