Change folder for Nextcloud Outlook Add-In

How can I change the folder for the Nextcloud Outlook Add-In?

It automaticaly create a ‘Outlook’ folder in the root of my Nextcloud accout.


You can change the default folder in the registry.

And then change ‘pathUploadFiles’ and / or ‘pathPublicShare’ to the desired location. Make sure that you end the path with a ‘/’ as done with the default path.

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Thanks, but there is no Key like this:

There is even no key “NextcloudOutlookFree” sth. where else.

But your idea brought me to the right solution!
It is stored in different places, on different PCs:


Both times on Win10 Pro, with “Secure File Sharing Setup_23117_x64_free”.
Office 2016 on the first PC, Office 365 on PC two.

It is not stored on different places on different PC’s. Always use the HKEY_CURRENT_USER. And sorry you are right it is indeed NextcloudOutlookFE

Well, why? Here it is definitely stored in different places, as mentioned above.

The add-in only writes to HKEY_CURRENT_USER and can only access that part of the registry. The add-in itself does not write in HKEY_USERS. Now what happens is HKEY_CURRENT_USER works kind of a like a redirect to /HKEY_USERS/[SOME_UNIQUE_USER_ID], so you can navigate to both and if you change something at one place in the registry and refresh it in the other the value would be the same.