Change favico.ico or color on Nextcloud Support forum website

I usually have lots of browser tabs open at once and have trouble finding the tabs with this forum on.

A Solution is to have a custom ICON for each server you manage.

The forum already uses it’s own favicon.
Works well with ff110.

Which browser are you using?

Chrome 109 win 11, but the problem it does not really depend on that I need many tabs open at the moment.

I found the location yesterday to start looking where to change it I just need it a little different.
The web server folder may contain over 26000 files.
I have the same problem with 6 Pi-holes running as well they refuse to connect to an iframe now.

I am working on having an general Admin / User web server portal where I can iframe many of my servers on the one long web page.
The program I modified is a web server and is written in QB64 it takes a bit of learning. see

I am progressing slowly the nextcloud iframe is now giving a message too low PHP version before it refused to connect to an iframe on http server.

Just tested it and I get to login the this.

This version of Nextcloud requires at least PHP 7.4
You are currently running 7.3.31-1~deb10u2. Please update your PHP version.

It’s a new day now will try again. @rakekniven Hope this makes sense thanks for the comment.

Now this… on a raspberry pi…

This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with PHP>=8.2.
You are currently running 8.2.3.

NC26 will support PHP 8.2, NC25 is not ready for it.

My project details.
I have iframed my NC 25 server. Took some time to work it out but now have PHP error too high atm.

I also have some Raspberrypi Piholes iframed as well.
I also have Cendio ThinLinc installed on my NC 25 server it iframed with very little problems but the too low version of PHP was stopping it work.

I also have Plex TV media server installed on my NC 25 server, it is also iframed on my web page served by my QB64 web server on Windows, Linux, (but don’t have the other to try). I use wget as a browser to grab the html page from QB64 server then copy the page to other web servers.

I now have access on my Smart Android 11 TV to view my NC 25, PiHole, ThinLinc and Plex server to see what there up to from my Bedroom or anywhere else on my LAN instead of 12 tabs open just for the Piholes. There is a slight problem with getting the TV’s onscreen keyboard to work in a BASH terminal with ThinLinc. But if you preload the user profiles it displays and work fine so far.

I now have access on Transpeed Android 12 TV Box 4GB ram 128 GB storage. It has Normal sized Wireless Keyboard and Mouse connected as well as the miniature keypad/mouse=Touchpad? It works ok with the iframe services/devices. I have not spent much time testing it yet I also use it to play driving games because all of my PC’s are at least 10 years old.

The image on the right side is what you get if just use a copy the files from NC as is. index.html index.php.

I had a msg saying my PHP was too low on PHP 7.3…
I then upgraded PHP on my Raspberrypi Lighttpd web server.
But its now a Pihole and it was a DNSMasq server used to load balance/Fault tolerant my home DNS server to my collection of piholes.

The current error after login in with an iframe.

This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with PHP>=8.2.
You are currently running 8.2.3.

NC config.
With Plex I have added a second HDD to my NC server in the same box to have access to all the users collection of Media.
I use the NC Client on the server to sync/mirror the contents of various accounts on the network. I tried giving access to the NC Data folder some time ago but it got cut off after a while probably after an update of NC itself.

If you SSH to the NC server and transfer data to the clients Mirrored copy its much faster to sync the data over the same network when rebuilding a new server (my 2 TB is 98% full so I turned it off for now till I build a bigger one This test server is on 2 * 1TB second hand HDD’s).

My time reference is, it too 2 months (Powered 24/7) for my Win 11 notebook to sync my Windows user profile and my QB64 program collections. The NC client kept crashing also. My Win 11 HDD contains 5.5 million files about a month ago.
I also have my Linux home profile synced as well.

The I5 a 10 year old CPU NC spends a lot of time doing journal writes with a lot of files.

My other posts if you wish to follow my progress on my projects.

Pihole forum.

Thinlinc forum

The QB64 sample of my web server code if shared on Github.

Sorry but I just have to ask this…

Why the heck do you need 12 Pi-holes and why do you have to look at them all the time, even from your bedroom? And why does your Nextcloud need access to your Plex files. And do you even have time to watch movies, if you have to look at your Pi-holes 24/7…? :wink:

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I have fault tolerant DNS including router at my Home, its all backed by an inverter and a old car battery with charger, been running over 2 years…

If you have 6 running piholes load balanced via a DNSMasq server you need 12 Browser tabs open to unblock 1 URL…Lol

It means I can kill a few Piholes and wait till I’m down to 2 to rebuild 4.

I have it playing music most of the time and it also work on TV where the app does not.

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But keep in mind that your use case is rather unusual. Things will break again and again and you will have to make constant adjustments and find new ways to make them work again. Also the developers of Nextcloud probably don’t have such special usecases in mind when they develop Nextcloud. Anyways, I think you know that already :wink:

…so I guess, happy hacking :slight_smile: