Change domain on desktop client

Hello all ,

I have a nextcloud client [ with collabora ] and everything is working more or less smoothly .

Last week I had to change the domain [ but not the actual server ] and also that change went ok, and on the web interface everything works ok …

but - I did not find where I can change ( or edit ) the domain name in the desktop client . In the Account options I only have “add new”, “log out” and "remove ", but no “change” or “edit” entries . [ V. 2.3.1 build 8 ] .

I know that theoretically I could delete the account and add a new one , but I have about 12 devices with 20+ accounts with a lot of gigabytes spreading over multiple separate folders .
Is there a way to leave the desktop folders intact and just change the domain ?

It seems absurd to delete all and re-synch from zero ( especially when I do not know if any particular user actually has made a change on local device … )

Is there some easy exposed option that I have missed ?

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Sadly, you’ll have to log out each of the 12 devices. That was my solution 2 weeks ago when I switched domain names on my server at least. I know this is something that could work on the desktop and mobile clients though. For iOS CardDAV/CalDAV I was able to change the domain name and not have to create new app passwords, don’t see why there couldn’t be an “edit” feature requested for the apps

@starcast ,
Thanks for the reply .

I am not sure I fully understand the solution , when you say “log out” - you mean just use the log out function ? or actually delete thee local folders and create new accounts ( which is what I am trying to avoid ) . After logging out normally there is still no option for edit account …

Right … this is elementary function - really strange no one thought of it . Maybe should file a bug / feature request . But in the meantime, I really need to resolve this issue somehow :slight_smile:

Yes by log out I mean to just go “Account” -> “Logout” and then log back in after that like you did when you set up the Nextcloud app the first time. When you do that, you don’t have to sync all your data back. You can choose “keep local data” if you prefer

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If these are all your clients, you can stop the client and change the URL in the configuration file:

It should be possible to redirect so that the client updates the URL but the feature will be in one of the future version (perhaps you can keep up the redirection until then):

For anyone looking for answers to this later. You can change the domain on the desktop client manually by shutting down the client and then editing the nextcloud.cfg file. On Windows this file can be found at

Replace with the your windows login. Just open the nextcloud.cfg file with notepad and you should be able to find your old URL to change it.


In the current version of the client (3.4.0), the suggested file seems not to exist anymore.

The new location is:


Thank you a lot, worked for me.

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on macOS the location of nextcloud.cfg is:

Great question, great answers! Thanks to yall! :sunny: