Change default user storage location

Hi all,

New to forum and Nextcloud.

I have just finished setting up Nextcloud and it is fully up and running. At this point, all I have done is create myself as a user so it’s a completely clean installation.

I want to change the location of where it stores the files that a user uploads. I have a TrueNAS server on the network that I want to use as the storage location.

I’m sure this must have come up before. I have a ZFS dataset setup for Nextcloud and a Nextcloud user setup that has full control of the dataset. I will use autofs to mount the SMB share to the Ubuntu Server file system in /media directory. I want to configure Nextcloud to use that location to do its thing.

How can I set that up and tell Nextcloud to use this location to store file and other user data?

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.



I have the same question! Did you manage to get it work with external storage?

Please open a thread with your own settings and questions. Thanks.