Change client folder sync location


This has probably been addressed many times but I just couldn’t figure out the appropriate search keywords to find the answer.

So, I have 3 computers syncing files with a nextcloud 12 server. One of them uses the old “$HOME/owncloud” folder instead of “$HOME/Nextcloud”.

I need to change thatso all 3 have the same path, but I would like to avoid re-starting the whole sync process from zero. Is there a way to do that ?


  1. remove user from client sync
  2. rename/move the folder to another location as you preffer
  3. register on client software and search the new location of the MAIN FOLDER
  4. select KEEP FILES and finish

The server compare files and update only the new files

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Thanks Cesar !

No need to log the user out:

in the sync client, click the three dots on the right, select “remove folder synchronisation”,
move your data,
click “add folder synchronisation”.


unfortunately it doesn’t work does anyone have another solution?

What exactley does not work? Please describe in as much detail as possible what you are trying to achieve and what you already tried?

You can always delete the account from the app and remove or better rename the local folder and start from scratch. This may take longer, because all the files have to be downloaded from the server again, but on the plus side it works without potential sync conflicts, which in the worst case could lead to data loss…

I tried to move the already synchronized directory from one hard drive to another new hard drive without downloading all the data from the server from the beginning, so I followed step by step as described here and still there were a few directories that must be downloaded from the server from the start, and it took a long time