Change °C to °F

How can I change the weather display from °C to °F? When you click on it, reflects location. Would like to do the same on the dashboard.

Such setting can be changed in your personal profile. Beside the languague setting, there is the locale setting, if you put it to English (United States), it automatically switches to Fahrenheit (and the week starting on Sunday), and maps and stuff probably switching to miles.

Not on the Dashboard. That’s where I’m seeing this.

here you gonna find said page https://your.own.url/settings/user (pls fill in your own URL)

I am using Nextcould 27.1.7 via Ubunt Snap, and my “personal settings” have “locale” as "English (United States) " … then mm/dd/yyyy hh:nn:ss am {my current time} Week starts on Sunday. When I return to Dashboard, I get 6* C, not 43* F, for my location. I checked, and I am using my city zip code with US. Windy has it right; just something is missing/buggy in my setup, so this should work.

I am happy to test/check on this; just let me know!

This is exactly my same issue. Just can’t seem to figure it out. I have clients that are asking about it as well. This is just the Dashboard Weather. Everything else is correct for my location and as with you, is also giving correct information.


On an older setup, I see the same issue. On a newer NC 28/29, this is working. Not sure at which part it was fixed, in case it is some 3rd-party library, it could be difficult to ask to backport this to NC 27.

Locale is set to English (United States) and I still have *C for the temp. Also, just updated to Version 29.0.2 and the dashboard STILL shows the *C temp.

Have you tried adding the following to your config.php…?

'default_locale' => 'en_US',

I would like to THANK YOU!!! That was the fix. I’m going to file that away in windmills of my mind. Thank you again!!!

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You can also go to the user settings and change locale to english and then back to english(united states). Assuming you are in the US.