Certificate of nextcloudpi for firefox

Firefox need a certificate for to connect into nextcloud of nextcloudpi for e.g. passman or bookmarks in firefox.
The “archlinux.crt” is not right for to import into the own certificates in firefox…
firefox need a file with *.p12 or *.pfx.
where do I find this in the nextcloudpi?
i will be thankful for answeres.
(sorry for my bad english).

Why not using something like Let’s encrypt if possible?

For Let’s encrypt I need open ports. I have no open ports. I have intern network.
Is there a possibility to find the “archlinux”.p12 or pfx file somewhere in the nextcloudpi?
Or must I create it by myself?

You can also use DNS or http to verify.

did you try to convert the crt file with openssl?


Thank you for answer.
I have no domain.
I have a ip from my intern network like https://192.xxx.xxx.xx

Thank you for answer.
Where do I find the key-file in the nextcloudpi?

sure that you have a cretificate for this address? imho that would be strange. though i believe it’s possible.

you’re using nextcloudpi on what system?

The “x” are placeholder for numbers.

When I allow firefox to accept this adress, I can load a Certificate, it named : archlinux.crt.
I thought, it is the certificate for my nextcloudpi.
I use nextcloudpi in rasperry 3+

if letsencrypt is not an option, NCP comes by default with a self signed certificate. It works fine on firefox

sorry. misunderstanding. i wanted to express that i doubt that your certificate is valid for the ip address 192.xxx.xxx.xxx.

typical certificates are valid for fqdns. not ip’s.

nachoparker, where do I find this certificate in ncp?
My archlinux.crt of the nextcloud of my nextcloudpi does not work with firefox.
By default (in German: Voreinstellung) I have only the achlinux.crt, which I can download for Firefox.
Sorry for my bad english, I’m german.

Default selfsigned certificate:


Default key


Thank You very much!!