Ceph as primary storage

I have a Ceph-cluster with: 1 admin node, 1 monitor node, and 3 osd nodes for replication purpose and a client node.

For primary storage to be changed I assume config.php needs to be configured am I right?
If so, what should I need from my storage cluster for nextcloud to work.

Nextcloud ip:

Ceph-cluster, ip plan:

What’s your question?

Path style can be both true and false with ceph. S3 should really be on port 443 with a ssl certificate but if you don’t mind being insecure that’s your business.

Optional region does not exist in ceph by default but I’m assuming you’ve created it with radosgw-admin.

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Thanks for the reply!

I’m really new to ceph and implementing storages to nextcloud, so im not really sure how to implement ceph to nextcloud at all, only clue so far is config.php.
and i choose not to use ssl yet, because I don’t know how to implement at all yet.

But the real question is, how do i make ceph my storage on nextcloud.
[I know im asking a big question], and thanks for taking your time to help!


The out of the box region for ceph is called default. You need to modify radosgw so it’s using port 443 with a SSL certificate for security reasons.

Have you verified radosgw is even running on port 80? Because out of the box that’s not the port it listens on.

Good luck!

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I will try, thanks!

but just to make sure im understanding ceph a little more, do i need, access key and secret, and if so, how do i find it or make it.

ps: sorry for late answer.

You do. If you don’t want to mess with it install proxmox and follow the unofficial radosgw setup guide.

alright, and it should be mentioned that im really new to ceph, so im not sure how to make nextcloud use ceph as a storage exactly.

So I have this setup running, do i need another node called, ceph-gateway, and configure the things shown in this picture, if i want to follow the official way of radosgw?

also worth mentioning, I’ve used this guide for the most part: https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/how-to-build-a-ceph-cluster-on-centos-7/

There is an official guide in the ceph documentation for installing with ceph-deploy and by hand.

Proxmox will do all of the heavy lifting for you if you go that route as well.

I recommend you talk with your system administrator for assistance.

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thanks alot for the help!