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unfortunately there is not much documentation on calendar app and especially categories available… I’m running Nextcloud 19.0.1 as Docker Container (on my NAS now) I’m using Categories in Outlook to visually differentiate types of events like private/work/travel/holiday. I tried to use same approach in my Nextcloud… but discovered Categories and Colors are not linked to each other. Is it possible to link category to specific color?

Additionally I found (custom) Categories I used before are not available in Drop-Down list when I create new events, so have to add category manually for each new appointment - is it by design or some config issue?


We would like to closely define which categories are available for an organization-wide calendar of events.

I am having the same question as Wwe.
On top:
Where is the list of default categories stored?
It is localized. I do not find the category entry words anywhere in the source code.


I have now found out, that the standard categories cannot be modified.
See the Feature Request.

In case someone wants to override them brute-force:

The list is defined in calendar/defaultCategories.js at master · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub

This list was taken from RFC 5545 - Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar)

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