Case sensitivity at sharing folders

Hi there,

i’m running Nextcloud 14.0.3 and i have a tiny sharing-problem (which i haven’t noticed at NC13) :

Theres a user “user” and a folder shared to “group1”.

  • “user” is a member of “group1”.
  • “user” can see the shared folder


  • Users kann login as “user” or “User” => so, case sensitivity isn’t “important”
  • If the user is logging in with “User” he can’t see the shared folder of “group1” because “User” isn’t a member.

Is there an option to allow “user” and “User” which i can disable? So only “user” can login?

I’ve got >100 users, some with big letters, some with small ones. It’s hard to tell everybody how to login from now on.

by the way: i’m using user_sql-App to get user-login-information from a joomla-database-installation (works fine), where the “users” and “Users” are stored. But i think its a sharing-problem.