Case-insensitive filename bug?

Hi all,

I am seeing what appears to be a bug in the Android client related to filenames. Here is how I reproduce it:

  1. Create new folder on my Linux desktop running Linux Mint.
  2. Add two files: somefile.pdf and SomeFile.pdf.
  3. Open this folder in my NextCloud android client.
  4. Tap on of one these to open it. The client downloads and opens it a PDF viewer.
  5. Tap on the second file. The client reports a version collision. If I select server version I end with two versions of the first file, even though the filenames are different. This change is propagated back to the server and the the desktop client.

Somewhere in the app there seems to some filename comparison code which is case-insensitive.

I have ended up with a rather large collection of folders in which the android client has replaced somefile.pdf with SomeFile.pdf – or the reverse. :frowning: I synced a large number of folders and wasn’t prompted for each overwrite.

Nextcloud android client v3.1.0
Nextcloud desktop client v2.3.3.
Nextcloud server: v13.0.1

Please let me know if additional information would be helpful.


Nice catch @cbrace! Could you please open this as a bug report on the issue tracker? That is the best way to get the developers’ attention :slight_smile:

Done! Will follow up here if there is any news.

Thanks a lot @cbrace :heart:

This bug has been fixed as of v3.3.0 of the Android client. Thanks to whomever took care of it.