Carnet not loading notes in Browser

Hi everyone,
I am new to Nextcloud and have been really enjoying this, NextCloud and the apps are truly nice and I thanks everyone who did work on those.

So, I have been playing arround for days now but my only real issue is with carnet.
On my instance, it work well if I access it from my phone but on desktop with browser, it doens’t sync well and mostly, i cannot open note, if a click on one, a square appears with a loading circle and that’s all i’m gonna have.

I tried on Mac OS, Linux, Windows, CHrome, Safari, Firefox : no succes
To be sure it is coming from my side, I tried the carnet live instance and my notes opened without issues. It is definitely on my side.

I tried to :

  • uninstall the app
  • delete the notes from the file explorer and the hidden .carnet
  • reinstall carnet
  • reboot

No changes.

Does anyone has an idea of how to make this work?

Thanks for reading me :slight_smile:

Did you find out how to solve the problem? For me it is exactly the same. It worked well at the beginning, but now i can only access it via android. With the browser (Firefox 71.0/Windows 10) i get the same Sync symbol but does nothing. It’s quite frustrating

If you send a message to Phief on Mastodon he will probably take a look, he’s quite responsive.

Thank you for the tip. I just wrote him now. I hope there is some sort of solution to the problem. I found out it works fine on Chrome, but i just don’t want to use chrome :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, sorry for my late answer, it wouldn’t have helped anyway, my carnet started working after some update. I did nothing, dunno what happened…
But if you have some answers now, I will be glad to hear about them and I bet others too…

Not really solved by replacing the new Text editor with the old one. I thought I corrected while trying to fix Markdown Editor. See and

Sometimes browser works sometimes not. Log shows errors

Error PHP Undefined index: nc_version at /files/nextcloud/apps/carnet/templates/settings.php#28

Error PHP Only variables should be passed by reference at /files/nextcloud/apps/carnet/lib/Misc/CacheManager.php#98