Carddav - problem - Thunderbird and cardbook not working

I just migrated to Nextcloud. While on Owncloud I could not get Thunderbird and the Sojo (carddav) application to synchronize properly. I read somewhere that the sojo addon is no longer being updated and that Cardbook was a better solution, however, after installing Cardbook and successfully configuring it (Validate button succeeds) it will not sync with Nextclould contacts. This despite the Cardbook reporting that there has been a successful sync. I’m still looking for a way to successfully sync my nextcloud contacts with Thunderbird. If there is a better opensource email client that I might investigate please let me know. Thanks for all hard work in this open cloud system!


I have just installed NC V9.0.3 as a clean install.
Initially I had some issues including code integrity error warnings and problems importing contacts or creating a new one.

The contacts issues appear to have somehow corrected themselves (I did nothing except re-visit the site the following day and it all seemed to work - apart from the code integrity error).

I too use Thunderbird and use the Sogo Inverse add-on with OC 8 and it works fine. Not sure where you picked up the comment about it not being updated as I have not seen anything about that on either the Thunderbird forums or on the Sogo website.

However I also installed Cardbook in Thunderbird, and at present both Sogo and Cardbook work well with both OC 8 and NC 9.0.3.

So persevere and you should find it will all work OK - hopefully.

The reason I now will use Cardbook in future is that Thunderbird does not support ‘Categories’ for contacts in its core, so the Sogo connector will not sync this field from OC/NC to Thunderbird - that is to say unless you have installed the ‘Morefunctions for AddressBook’ add-on in Thunderbird.
Cardbook does however support ‘Categories’ without needing the other add-on so makes life easier as the developer of ‘MoreFunctions’ has stated on his web site that he may not continue the updates for that in the future.


I’m the developper of CardBook : may you send me an email describing the problem at ? I will debug this monday…

Thank you for the response… it must have been a problem with Own-Next Cloud side… I deleted the contact list and recreated it and all is fine now. thank you so much for a great plugin. best