CardDAV on iOS is "read-only"

Hallo everyone,
today I upgraded from NextCloud 25 to NextCloud 27 and encountered some strange behaviour: When I add NextCloud-CardDAV as second Contact-enabled account on iOS the usual “default account”-option went missing.
The main difference between my old and the new instance seems to be the contact group “Accounts” (in CardDAV URL it is called “z-server-generated–system”), which has not been there on NC 25.
To me it seems like iOS might have trouble with “read-only” address books, like the new “Accounts”-book amongst addressbooks provided by NextCloud.
Unfortunately this “Accounts”-book seems to be default by now and can’t be deleted.

As I read (, earlier versions experienced similar issues when having the “Contacts Interaction” app enabled. I guess this one also created some “read-only”-addressbook, which leads me to the assumption, that iOS might have issues with “read-only”-books in general.

Can anyone confirm on this issue? If so - any ideas what can be done about it?


got the same with 27.x, but no IOS or mac at all
(however, I configured MS AD, and the contacts look like policies )

fixed mine with
LDAP/AD integration \ Expert \ Clear Userrname-LDAP- User Mapping & Clear Groupname-LDAP Group Mapping

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