CardDav on iOS 15.3.1 not working

I recently restored my NC 23.0.2 from a backup and needed to recreate the CardDav ASccount on iOS 15.3.1 (was working before).

I tried several times, but it is not possbile to successfully create the Carddav account.
Im using 2FA, I created a new 2FA in NC for the Calddav / Carddav on the iPhone. Caldav works with this passwort.

For Carddav is allways get “SSL not possible”. Workiong with caldav, in browser, everywhere. Without SSL also not working.

I tried
as well as

=> Not working

Any Ideas?

After entering it from scratch with exactly the same crdentials, copy & paste it works. No idea what happend before. Perhaps firewall stuff