CardDav : issue with Contact groups synchronization

I just started with Nextcloud as I was looking for a MacOS Server alternative for Calendars and Contacts.
Everything seems to work properly with my calendars, but my groups defined in the Apple Contact app don’t synchonize with my NextCloud server.
Worse, when I import a group in the Apple Contact app, the group is not created in NextCloud and contacts are imported a second time…

Do you have any idea to solve this issue? I’m pretty close to validate the migration to NextCloud…

Same here. This is using the Contacts app on MacOS 11.7.6 (Big Sur).
In my case, folders don’t get synced , and changes in the local address book don’t get synced either.
Deleting the account and then re-creating it works to the extent that all contacts from the server re-appear, but then older groups appear in the local adress book and don’t sync with the NC server (checking through the web portal).

Edit: changes in the local address book do get synced, that works (but with unpredictable delays). Folders don’t get synced.

The same holds for Android (this is on Android 12 AOSP/lineage, with the standard Contacts app or with Kaputa’s Simple contacts pro). Individual contacts get synced and updated. Groups don’t sync in either direction.

I have tested this on a different configuration and account (with the same web hosting firm).
The upshot is that the sync results are very variable depending on the client.
On MacOS Ventura (13.4.1), the standard Contacts app syncs individual visit cards, but not groups that have been newly created on Nextcloud server’s web portal. Reciprocally, groups created on Contacts don’t show up on the server.
The Contacts app also doesn’t recognize multiple address books, only one single address book gets synced.
A different address book app, Busycontacts, does a better job: Multiple address books are supported, Groups (tags) created there show up on the server, and groups created on the server’s web portal show up under certain conditions. Groups created by someone else on a shared address book, through the server’s portal, don’t show up. However, when I modify those shared contacts, they suddenly update and they show up in the client app, with their group!
However, Busycontacts relies on the staple Contacts app to integrate into MacOS, so its better behaviour is largely useless.
Finally, Samsung’s native address book app on Android 13 syncs well, at least in the server → client direction (haven’t tested the reverse).

It seems to me this is related with bugs on the server; other problems are noticeable when using the Contacts web interface, such as name fields sometimes not appearing. I would like to file a bug report (two different reports, actually), but I really don’t know how to handle Github. Confirmation of the issue and help is welcome.

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