CARDDAV: is it possible to disable manipulations with contacts on carddav clients?

Hi, everyone!

I just start testing Nextcloud app via demo site. I installed Contacts and create some accounts in address book. After that i connect to contacts via CardDAV account on my iphone. Everything works fine, but…

When i have deleted some contact in my iphone it also removed from nextcloud contacts.

My question: is it possible to syncronize contacts only in one way: from server to mobile clients and deny any manipulations with nextcloud contacts from mobile clients to server?

Thank you

Hi Alex,

I shared some address books with groups, and did not tick the box “can edit”.
(contacts - left under in the screen on “settings” - share icon)

I assume that is what you are looking for? - maybe login with another account in the iphone app, and disable the rights for that account?

(disclaimer: did not check myself)

Regards, Hartwin