CardDav and CalDav not working iOS 12 + NC 16


I’m having trouble synchronizing my contacts my iPhone 7 (iOS 12) to nextcloud 16.0.1 and viceversa.

I tried entering all kinds of configuration combinations. Here are some of them:

My webserver redirects all :80 requests to :443. I’ve secured the website with Let’s Encrypt certificate. Everything seems to be working fine. Certificate is valid for 6 months+.

I know that there are several posts on the inet which discuss this issue but in all of them using https seem to be the solution. This doesnt appear to be the solution in my case.

Does anyone have any experience or information for this one?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried this yet (see also post #4 in that thread)?

404 I guess. Which probably means certbot didnt create the required files ?

The 404 has nothing to do with the certificate. It tells you that the desired document has not been found. The certificate is something else.

If leads to a 404 (instead of a 301, 303 or 307) you need to setup service-discovery first. See here for how to accomplish that (for NC 16):

Another thing:

As far as I know certificates from Let’s encrypt are only valid for 3 months. Are you sure yours is still valid? Maybe you have to renew it?

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