Can't view Tasks app trash bin

When I go to /apps/tasks (Nextcloud Tasks app) in Firefox and click on the Trash bin, it looks like the trash bin starts to appear, then fails. The web page area goes dim, like it does in the background when the trash bin shows. In the JavaScript console I see TypeError: this.component is null. I can’t click on anything in the page and I have to reload. Anyone seen something like this? No errors in the PHP nor web server logs. Same UI/UX error in Chromium, but the JavaScript console has a different error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'getAllSubcomponents'). Server is v28.0.5. Tasks app is v0.16.0. Firefox v124.0.2. This is on a “homeprod” Nextcloud instance. I cannot repro on a fresh Nextcloud server instance with test data.