Can't Upload File Size More Than 10MB

I have just setup my NextCloud on Cloudways with DigitalOcean as the server.
Installation has been done without any issue.
But here is the problem that I’m facing right now, I can’t upload the file with size more than 10MB.
I have followed almost every articles (max upload size, max execution time, etc).
But I still don’t get the right answer yet to solve my problem.

The error message that I get:
On desktop client (Windows)


On web browser

Error when assembling chunks, status code 403

Anyone can help me please?


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Did you solve the issue?

I am writing with cloudways support but they can’t find the solution.
Their best idea is :

“Seems there is some limitation within the code causes such issue. Can you please talk to NEXT Cloud support and share the error with them and they will surely guide you about where they have defined such limitation.”

Issue seems to be resolved by Cloudways, but I guess you have to contact support and let them do the modification.

Here is the statement

Can yu please check everything now and let me know if the issue is resolved as well the issue that’s current;y happening was because nextcloud app uploads files as .file and then try to move it to the relevant path. We at Cloudways dont allow any .extension files like .env, .htaccess to be directly accessible as this is a huge security risk that may cause issue. once the file was uploaded the nextcloud app was trying to move the .file file in the relevant directory with it’s relevant name hence we were getting 403 Forbidden. I have amend the rule on server to allow only .file and it seems to be working now please check and let us know if there is anything else required from us in this regards