Can't update to 10.0.2 due to extra files


Today, I try to update from 10.0.1 to 10.0.2 with new updater. I tried the 7 steps and the phar but in both cases, I get an error message :

The following extra files have been found:

and the upgrade process stops. I can’t remove the 2 directories as they are parts of the hosting.

Does anyone know how I can update without deleting these 2 dirs ?

In this scenario the easiest option you have is to manually update using the ZIP or TAR files from;O=D

The new updater that we use is written in a way to avoid deleting or overwriting any unrelated data. Since we don’t know the folder which exist for you there we don’t allow updating for safety reasons.

I’m trying to update from to via web update as well but it fails at the same place with different files

Check for expected files:
The following extra files have been found:

Searching these files through the web interface reveals nothing but I have succeeded in finding them on my computer and deleting them from my nextcloud folder but it seems like the sync doesn’t realise I’ve removed them so it keeps nagging that these files still exist even if they shouldn’t. Any ideas of how to fix this?

Hi !

I fall in this kind of problem but with apps2 directory…

Apps2 directory is recommended for apps not directly coming from Nextcloud, right ?

What can I do now ?


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Hmm I don’t know some good reason for a second apps directory, nor did I know that it’s possible to have two used side by side.
Are you sure that in your Apps2 there are really and only apps that can be de/activated within the apps store? If so I would try to move all apps to the apps (without “2”) folder and remove/move Apps2 out of the nextcloud folder. You could also just temporarily move Apps2 out, upgrade nextcloud and move it in again with apps still inside.

Sure I can do all you write in your post :wink:

I just think strange that the updater cannot manage apps2 dir as recommended in the admin doc.

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Interesting, never read this one :slight_smile:. In this case I would just move apps2 out of nextcloud dir, do the upgrade and move it inside again.

how do I move apps2 out of nextcloud dir?please. :joy:

ditto,how to deal with this problem? :joy:

Removing app2 dir => merging all apps in “official” apps dir

mv /var/www/nextcloud/apps2 ~/
... run Nextcloud update
mv ~/apps2 /var/www/nextcloud/