Can't update and I dunno why... :-(

May I take the opportunity to request advice on my present situation with our Nextcloud installment?

I originally installed Nextcloud on our domain server through cPanel and Softaculous. Somehow I missed out on the Version 18 upgrade and now Softaculous declines my requests to update, claiming it can only update an application from its previous release.

I’ve managed to get my hands on the Version 18 installation package but have very limited knowledge as to how to proceed with it. With the release of yet another upgrade (v20), I’m even more at loss.

I really haven’t had time to look into this and I would really appreciate a little advice on how to get the Nextcloud engine running again!

Thank you.

Benoit Chaput {

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Dear Benoit, I handle a NC instance and performed some upgrade recently.
There are many options, most automated.

  • web-based upgrader, directly from the product UI
  • command line upgrade, with the product installed, through occ CLI
  • more manual upgraders.

See for instance
Some tips from my experience:

  • NC provides upgrades only to the next release: 16 to 17, 17 to 18, 18 to 19, etc.
  • do you have an assessment about how “sophisticate” your install it? I would say this is a key factor to choose between the updaters.
  • can you access the web server on a cli? (I mean if you have the right)
  • the web updater is the most friendly, but the one who might have errors more easily
  • the cli updater works well, and will give you good messages if you have to recover some situation
  • try to evaluate if the apps you use are all supported at next release
  • fix all the potential problems after migrating to a new version and make some tests, before passing to the next (if you have several levels to jump)
  • take a backup before starting (needless to say)
  • the DB part updates are the most tedious. For the moment I gave up on the 4-byte character set (through an option), an so much for emoji.
    Is that what you wanted to know?
    Cheers, h johannsen

hello @Benoit_Chaput

welcome to the forum and thanks for your very first posting here.

i moved your posting to a new thread. Feel free to edit it’s title at your will. Please don’t caputure random other threads to just post something which won’t belong there.

you give out almost no detailed information about the problematic system… since we don’t know anything about your instance how would the forum be able to help? I mean of course one could try and guess something. but it’s merely like asking a crystal ball.

so maybe you wanna deliever some more info?



Hello Benoit,

i have nearly the same environment, also CpAnel Hosting with Softacolous on it and my NC 20 is running without any problems. i run PHP 7.3 becose some of the extension i use ar not ready yet to PHP 7.4 (NC20 seams ready)

So i believe it’s not a basically problem, some settings on PHP have to check, do you have the possibility to modify your own PHP Settings?
Have a look at the points from hjohanns an attache a screenshot of your settings if its possible

regards René

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