Can't specify profile picture


In my profile settings, I try to change my profile picture.

If I try Gravatar (based on my email address), it says “Sorry, we can’t find any avatar associated with that email address”. This is probably an error, as there is a gravatar. At the same time, the JavaScript console shows PUT 422.

If I try to upload a custom picture, then the moment I select it the JavaScript console shows Uncaught TypeError: e._perFileData is not a function. It then stays in “Uploading… 0%” for ever.

Update: I have exactly the same symptoms in Firefox and Chromium.

Does anyone know where I should send the information about this problem so that it reaches the appropriate person?

Have you tried different browsers?

Yes, I have exactly the same symptoms in Firefox and Chromium.

tried mobile connection or other Wifis?

I connect to the aDSL router with cable. But, since you asked, I made my smartphone a wifi hotspot and connected through that instead. Same symptoms.

Your suggestion also gave me the idea of disabling IPv6 and trying again. Same symptoms.

Are you convinced that the problem is on my side? To me it looks like the site is broken, but of course I could be mistaken.

Well if you feel this is a bug, try filing a bugreport here

and be as detailled and precise as possible (like tell what you have done already trying to find a workaround and such).

Thanks! I added

No progress until now. Upload of profile picture does not work (tested with latest Firefox and Chromium). And when opening the site with a fresh (nothing cached) browser, the upper right menu bar seems to have graphic issues - I see blue text overlays (probably alt tags) disappearing in the blue bar when logged in.
Both are not serious bugs considering it’s the help community, but it gives impression that Nextcloud is somewhat unprofessional. Which, of course, it is not :slight_smile: