Can't setup with external HDD

I am trying to run nextcloud on a raspberry pi with all the nextcloud storage on an external hard drive instead of on the pi’s SD card. I mounted my 2tb drive at “/media/docs” and created the “mobile” folder there and this is the docker command that I run to start the nextcloud container:
docker run -v /media/docs/mobile:/mobile nextcloud:17-apache
Ideally I would like to set the base directory on the admin setup page to be all on my hard drive at /mobile , but nextcloud tells me that that isn’t possible when I try to set it. So I tried instead leaving that unchanged and adding /mobile as local internal storage, but the “system” tab showed it as not having the 2tb external drive that I expect, instead showing the specs of my pi’s SD card internal storage, and using the name of the sd card as well.Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 12.50.57 AM

Sorry i do not use NextcloudPi and not Docker.

But i think /mobile is on / (sd-card).

If you want to use your 2tb drive you must use something like

Perhaps your docker-command is wrong. Sorry i a m not a docker user.
docker run -v /media/docs/mobile:/mobile nextcloud:17-apache

I am not using nextcloudpi, just happen to be running on a pi, this is still a regular nextcloud image for docker from this page And yes, that is what I am saying about nextcloud reading from the SD card. With docker the “-v /media/docs/mobile:/mobile” part of the run command is supposed to map /media/docs/mobile on my linux filesystem to /mobile in the docker container’s filesystem which would mean that the /mobile mount should show 2TB if it was working. Or maybe nextcloud can’t detect that there is a drive mounted there? I think someone with Docker experience would be more able to answer this question though

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