Can't send share link by e-mail anymore on 28.0.3


I have upgraded to 28.0.3, and when sharing files, the e-mail icon (an envelope) does not show anymore on the right of the user name when attempting to share files/folders.

When I click on the user, it attempts to share by federation, and of course it fails (I see a lot of logs where it tries to share by federation what should be shared by e-mail).

What could be wrong?

I can’t reproduce this issue. I have both - the one with the mail icon appears first then the Federation one.

Can you post a screenshot?

What version of Nextcloud are you comparing against?

@jtr I have two instances, apparently this isn’t a bug on one of them. But on the instance I’m reporting it simply doesn’t show the envelope. See the screenshot.

Are you sure that the option Allow users to share via link and emails under Administration settings->Sharing is the same on both? That’s the only way I can generate the same behavior.

Yes, I checked. I even switched it off an on again. It doesn’t help.

Upgrading to 29.0.0 beta 3 didn’t fix this.

Somehow, setting the option to share by mail didn’t update the database. I checked the database and saw that “Share by mail” was disabled, despite being shown as enabled on the browser.

So I did this;

update oc_appconfig set configvalue = 'yes' where configkey = 'enabled' and appid = 'sharebymail';

Now it works again.

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