Can't send any attachment

Can’t send any attachment
“Attachment was not processed
Error: Upload was probably blocked by your browser”
What logs can i check?
My nextcloud wirking via nginx reverse proxy, maybe thats the reson? I forget to add something ?

Nextcloud 24.0.0


Did you have a look in the log files in Nexctcloud: ‘Administrator settings >> Logs’ yet?
It might help you with analyzing the problem.

  • Did you encounter this problem after a recent change? please specify…
  • Did you check file permissions on the server?
  • what are the PHP settings of the server? max_upload_size = …? max_file_uploads?

If you are trying to upload multiple files at once, try uploading one by one first to analyze the problem.

There is nothing about upload at the log.
Minimal file doesn’t uploads.

My nextcloud working via nginx reverse proxy, maybe that’s the reason?

As i see at browser dev console browser trying to upload file to
not to
i guess this one could be right…

To be able to help you more efficiently, we need to know a bit more of your Nextcloud setup / configuration. otherwise we satrt with guessing …

  • Self hosted?
  • config.php file?
  • php setting, etc.
  • please fill in the standard issue report when submitting. It will help us helping you a lot!

Anything that helps to figure out a misconfiguration in your setup