Can't select database type on web installer

I’m trying to install nextcloud on shared hosting. I am up to the page where I enter the database details but it defaults to SQLlite and doesn’t let me select MySQL

Same problem, bump

Is mysql or mariadb installed on your server?

Hey there, well that’s strange…

If the SQLite was selected, that menu for you to configure a database should not appear .

I think that’s just a bug on the page, but it will configure a normal mysql/mariadb database.

Try that, and in last cases, you can adjust that option later in the nextcloud/config/config.php

Good luck mate, have a nice weekend.


Yes, version 8.0, MariaDB 10.x and PHP 7.4.13

Will try that, thank you! :grinning:

I now know how to solve problem but it is nextcloud’s problem too, Content-Security-Policy is blocking scripts that are needed

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