Can't seem to open ODT files

Hello, I need some help with my AIO

I’m on Ver. 26.0.2

No errors in the health check.

Assessable from the outside world.

I have the default set of apps installed.

I am having problems with what I believe is NC Office. I can create an ODT and then open it I just get a blank screen. No error message. This is using chrome on my PC. Is there another app I am supposed to have installed to get this to work?

Please understand and follow the troubleshooting steps from this guide

Nextcloud Collabora integration

built-in version is slightly different to setup but there are some discussions linked as well.

Sorry, I’m not exactly sure how to use that documentation with the AIO version. BUT what I was able to see it looks like it believes it is setup.

sorry please read and understand the guide.

:white_check_mark: means one direction in the communication triangle works.

Fair enough!
So with fresh eyes I’m trying to understand it, and going through the troubeshooting checklist.
The first step is make sure you can get to the UI. In my case that’s This works.
The next step is office.mydomain - I don’t have a second DNS entry to do this. Seems like I need to do that. Is that correct? If so in the AIO install where do I point it to exactly and on what port? I’m using Nginx Proxy Manager, setup per the directions in the documentation.
Does this seem like the right track?

Thank you for your time! I do apricate it.

Hi, can you follow How to debug problems with Collabora and/or Talk · nextcloud/all-in-one · Discussion #1358 · GitHub?

I will start reading that! Thanks.

That seems to have solved the problem. I needed to add the After reading down a bit further. I am using Cloudflare DNS so I suspect that I need to add all their IP’s at some point.
Thank you for all the help!