Can't seem to be able to sync with Mac App

I’m trying to copy some data from an external drive. I’ve finished syncing a folder with pictures that was around 150gb, however I’m trying to upload/sync another folder with work files at around 100gb and some weird things are happening. At first it started the sync and went all the way to 100% and then the app just became unresponsive. So I restarted it, for it to restart the sync again. This was 3 days ago, and it’s still syncing. It would show that it’s syncing 2gb of files, 10 minutes remaining, but nothing happens and the CPU is 100%. The app is in and out of being active and non-responsive, to the point that I can’t even scroll when it’s active. It pretty much seems like it’s hanging most of the time. I tried restarting the app but it’s all the same. This is on a 2020 i9 MacBook Pro. Anything I could do? It’s been fine copying smaller chunks of files so far, but this is unworkable :frowning:

I also might add - I’m getting a seemingly unending Network Error 499 list of messages in the app.

Updating the Nextcloud instance to latest on my server fixed all these issues btw…

Hi Zsolt

Thanks for sharing. I am having the exact same problem. every time I stop and restart the sync process, it seems to sync a few files before going back to an endless Network Error 499 loop. I have currently uploaded 22gb with 3gb left, but does not seem to want to sync any longer.

I am running an updated NC instance, with latest NC client for Mac. If anyone can help me figure this out I would greatly appreciate. Thank you.