Can't see what voters voted for

I would like to know how to see what voters voted for before the poll is closed. Now I get this message: ‘‘Due to performance concerns 93 voters are hidden.’’
In my other poll, with only few participants, I was able to see what option(s) they voted for as well as download a spreadsheet with the results. I am not able to do it for this poll.

Is it possible that I will only be able to see it once the poll is closed? I would not want to loose the results.

Please, advise.

thank you.

Unfortunately there exists an unresolved performance problem, with too many vote cells in the poll. Therefore this warning occurs, when the table is greater than 1000 cells.

Closing the poll has no effect. Information loss is not expected, also not by closing the poll.

You can change the threshold of 1000 cells in the user settings. Possibly you will experience a heavy working browser and a lag in rendering but in the end the page should be rendered correctly.

This is a per user setting because the performance problem is on client side.

But the expot should work fine.

Thank you, this is helpful.

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