Can't see login fields on Safari

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Using Nextcloud AIO latest

The issue you are facing: While trying to login on my nextcloud instance i can’t see the login fields. Only the logo of my instance is presentend.

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error? (Y/N): Yes

I am behind cloudflare but I don’t use the rocket loader feature. I’m trying to connect my older iphone 5 to use it as a display. Since i cannot install the nextcloud app anymore i’d like to connect to is over my browser but I can’t login, since there are no fields.

I’m trying to find more information about the topic but after searching the web the whole day I cannot find much usefull. If someone knows more, big thanks in advance!

The „replace me“ part would certainly improve getting a response from the community :wink:

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My response: They don’t matter!
It’s in the NC UI.
No Apache, nginx, caddy PHP X.X, MySQL, MariaDB, Linux, FreeBSD will change anything. People keep seeing the issue for years, some are reporting but

still stands true, today.

The only usefull contrib I have is over here:
Accessing NextCloud 20 with older iOS devices? There is no iOS app and the browser doesn’t show the login screen - :bento: Features & apps - Nextcloud community

I suspect you’re phone is simply too old (or rather the Safari version on it):