Can't see files in external storages

I have Nextcloud (13) set up in a FreeNAS jail.

I mounted a share from the FreeNAS to the jail running NC.

In NC, I used the External Storage app to mount the share as “local”.

The mounting of the External Storage was successful, and I can see folders in the /mnt/MyShare, but I cannot see any files.

I am assuming this is probably a permissions issued, but I’m not sure…

Anybody have any ideas?

Did the webuser of your installation has access to your share ?

I’ve a different settings (dedicated NAS for the storage and an Odroid for Nextcloud) and I first mount the NAS share in Odroid and then use the External Storage App to those local mounting point.

To give you a quick overview of the settings you can have a look at @riegerCLOUD really nice how-to .
This could give you some hints.

I’ve tried every combination I can think of… root:wheel… www:www…

Any idea what the permissions would need to be (in a FreeBSD based system) to be able to access this from NC?