Cant see files copied to s3 bucket

I have an S3 bucket connected to NC (12.0.5) as an external storage.
I can create files/folders from NC interface also I can create from S3 console and I can see it in NC.
But when I tried to copy or sync some files via aws-cli to bucket I cant see them in NC.
All settings and permissions from AWS side are correct. Also I got error in NC:

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() at /usr/share/nginx/nextcloud/apps/files_external/lib/Lib/Storage/AmazonS3.php#291

Does anybody faced with this issue? Is it misconfig or some limitation?

UPD This is happened only with files what were cp-ed or sync-ed via aws cli

Yes, I am having similar issue. I copied files and folders directly from my old file server to S3 via aws cli. NC only display files on the first directory level. Any folders and files in those folders are not shown. When I manually create those folders from NC interface, I can see its content right away.

It seems that NC does not refresh folder listing properly in this case.

Thanks God Im not alone :slight_smile:
@lesaff Do you had similar php error in NC log?
Myabe we need summon smbd from developers?

Or (just guess) it may be some delimiter in an AWS policy misconfiguration… I’m so good with AWS security, I just apply “allow all in s3” policy

Yes, same PHP error
Edit: We’re running NC 13 RC2

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() at /srv/users/####/apps/cloud/public/apps/files_external/lib/Lib/Storage/AmazonS3.php#290

another line number

So is there any chance to point developers to the issue?