Can't save account settings without smtp password

Mail 3.1.1 on NC 26.0.1

The save button is greyed out until I typed the real account password in the SMTP password field.

Is is a known bug, a feature ?

If we need the account password, I would expect to have a dedicated field rather than having to guess that SMTP password is required to save settings, not saying that SMTP password is sometimes different than IMAP password

If you have authentication enabled, the password field can’t be empty.

Would you prefer to be able to enter a fake password? That wouldn’t partculary help with the ability to send emails. :wink:

No, it’s not a bug, every field that has an asterisk must be filled out.

If you only have one password for you email account, just enter the same password again that you already have entered for the IMAP account. Not much guesswork needed, imho.

…and that’s why there is a separate field for the SMTP password.


I thought I could update other fields without needing to fill passwords again if they are already right in the database.
It appears it’s an all-or-nothing dialog, not working with delta. Noted.

I now realize the asterisks ^^ and their meaning.

Thank you for your pedagogy