Cant rename folder after nextcloud file scan

Hi community,

I created FTP access to a folder inside my next-cloud system. I use that folder to organize images. The FTP access is necessary for me, because I need the folderstructure and the images uploaded for my website by accessing them via http, as I scan the whole structure and save it in my websites database. I also use this to dynamically create thumbnails of my images, and upload them into my next-cloud ftp-able directory, directly in the same folder, where the original image is using, php´s ftp_put() function.

As next-cloud cant recognize these uploads by itself in its database, i run the occ scan to update the db manually. Unfortunately, some of the folders, in which the scan recognizes the changes made via ftp, cant be renamed anymore. When i try to rename them, an error message appears, saying that the directory could not be renamed. Curiously, folder deeper in the same folder can be renamed.

Is there any way, to keep my functionalities, but make the folder again “renameable”? Thank you very much!

Best regards