Can't recover my notes from the Notes app - Android


I used to use someone’s Nextcloud, and in that context was using the Notes Android app. Then I didn’t have use for the server anymore, but still continued using the app, which was working OK - it just tried to sync all the time but didn’t prevent me from creating it reading my notes.

The problem arose when I ‘logged off’ from my account (which had been effectively deleted for a long time); then, I couldn’t access my notes anymore. They have to be stored locally somewhere on my device, but I have no clue where or under what file format.

I really tried to look for them hard, but to no avail ; I would appreciate help regarding this matter. I don’t expect it to be difficult for experienced users.


Hello and welcome to the community support forum :wave:

The Notes Android client is not designed to work without an account and does not replace a proper backup strategy.

The notes are stored in an SQLite database for performance reasons and not in files (like the actual notes on a Nextcloud server).

Ex-/Import is not featured on the Notes Android App as this is a quite special use case, after all it’s a client and ex-/importing is a feature that should always happen against your server.

when I ‘logged off’ from my account

What do you mean by that? Removing your account from the Nextcloud server or removing your account from the Notes Android App?

In the latter case your Notes are gone, they get deleted when an account is getting removed from the app.

In the first case: If you are technically experienced you might be able to access the database on your phone in case it is rooted.

Short question. If the account on the original Nextcloud server would be new created, would the notes sync from Notes Android app back to Nextcloud server where the markdown files could be backuped?

No, because the account in the Notes Android App has an old (now invalid) authentication token.

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Hello Stefan,

Thank you for your fast answer.
I did mean log off from the app, a long time after the actual account on the server was deleted.
At least now I know what to expect and will learn my lesson: I will be a lot more careful and back up important information I put in these notes when I have to manipulate the app I wrote them with.


Yup. It sounds bad, but admins (not developers) are responsible for backups.

Your best chance is to share the content of the notes to another apps to export them. You can also select multiple notes and share them, the content will be concatenated though in this casw to one large note.

Pro tip; You can share the text into ( a configured) Nextcloud apo which will directly create files from the shared text.

It’s a bit work, but depending on the importance od your notes it might be worth.


I’m a bit confused, I thought you said the notes were lost since the moment I logged off on the app. I can’t really select anything from its interface, as shown in this screenshot:

I managed to access the app files, but after searching the folders’ contents, I didn’t find any file that could host the notes. Here are the folders, maybe you could tell me where they should be:

I don’t think it will do much, but I could learn a thing or two anyway.

Good day to you!

Right, I missed that. Sorry.