Can't reconnect Nextcloud 13 with Pcloscloud

My nextcloud 13 stopped connecting with Pcloscloud. I tried removing my old account, but now cannot establish a new one. My nextcloud folder contents are visible on Pcloscloud but are no longer syncing. Need help.

What is Pcloscloud? Do they provide the setup or do they provide a vserver or something like that? If you are not the admin of this setup, you can’t do a lot other than contacting their support. If you are the admin, you can check if the account still exists, remove it manually and/or check the logs what might gone wrong.

I am running PCLinuxOS on my home desktop. As a service to the
PCLinuxOS Forum users, they have offered a free connection to the
PCLosCloud. Via a provided client app, I registered with the
cloud under my user-id and password. When I open Nextcloud, I see
the following:

When I click on Account, it offers three choices - Add new, ** Log
out** , or Remove. If I’m not connected, why log out? The
Activity tab shows nothing.

  I contacted the cloud admin today and he assured me that I am

still signed in and the account is active. He feels my problem is
with my Nextcloud configuration. Can you suggest a solution?