Can't read or edit collectives anymore - Error: emoji is not a valid attribute

Maybe somebody else is facing the same or similar issue?

Since nc update to 24.0.2 our collectives are not working anymore.

Error message (when clicking on a current collective):
BadFunctionCallException: emoji is not a valid attribute

Circles are shown under Contacts and all the files are physically there in the collectives folder (Kollektive directory German version).

Circles version: 24.0.0
Collectives version: 1.3.0

PHP: 7.4.30
Ubuntu: 18.04.6
Database: PostgreSQL 10.19

Besides the problem above, the system seems to function normally.

Edit: Just noticed that when doing a global search, a similar error apprears … something like, there has been an error when searching collectives. However, the error log shows the same emoji error.

Dear @Remo, thanks for your feedback. It seems like the database migration step that would add the emoji field to your collectives_pages table didn’t run for some reason.

Could you paste the output of the following occ commands here?

php occ app:list --shipped=false
php occ migrations:status collectives

Also, if you’re able to run SQL queries on your database, the output of the following queries would be helpful:

# \d oc_collectives_pages
# SELECT * FROM oc_migrations WHERE app='collectives';
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Thanks for your prompt reply @mejo

Updated to 24.0.3, collectives seem to work again.